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Crown Sports Photograpgy

Michael & Lucinda Layne
P.O. Box 9936 Kalispell, MT 59904

Crown Sports Photography has been successfully operating in Montana for 20+ years and has established an excellent track record for first class sports photos.  There is no charge for us to come.  Picture order forms are made available in advance; we collect the orders the day we take your team pictures.

Please consider the following  8 points explaining how  Crown Sports can be  of great benefit to Athletic Directors,  Schools,  Annual Staff,  Local Newspapers etc.

  1. Team Sports Pictures:  No Charge For Us To Come and we provide high quality team & individual pictures in a variety of affordable packages for athletes and their families.
  2. Head Coach Pictures:  We provide, at no charge, each head coach with their choice of sizes for their team photo (16×20, 11×14 or 8×10).
    Assistant Coach Pictures:  We provide, at no charge, an 8×10 for each assistant coach.
  3. School Displays:  We provide your school with a large 16×20  Display Portrait of  each team or group.  If your  team takes a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place title we provide a custom title for your school picture.   This is a great feature that makes  for a first class display.
  4. Athletic Directors:  We provide team photos for any tournament/program requests.
  5.  Yearbook:  High quality pictures or CD of every team will be sent to the annual staff.
  6. Local Newspaper:  We supply your local newspaper with  e-photos or prints of all varsity and requested teams and groups.  .
  7. School Web-Sites:  We are glad to provide pictures to your web designer.
  8. Practice Time:  Crown’s expertise accomplishes all photography quickly and efficiently 

“Picture Day has never been so painless!”  Our speedy manner allows coaches to get back to  valuable PRACTICE TIME !


References:  You are welcome to contact any of these or ask us for more references .

1.  Jim Daniels…Fergus County H.S.    (A.D.)   406- 538-2331

2.  Mark Dennehy… (Kalispell)  Glacier  H.S.  (A.D.)  406-751-3477

3.  Herb Townsend…Laurel H. S.   (A.D.)      406-628-3509

4. Rick Miller … Treasure State All Star Chairman]  406-463-2251